Early in-person voting is underway at the Ashtabula County Board of Elections at 8 W. Walnut in Jefferson or fill out an absentee application and vote from home. Call 440-576-6915 to have an application mailed to you or go to your polling location on November 2nd.
My name is Marsha Lamb
If you have read my bio or heard my accent by now you will have picked up that I am a 1st generation American of Puerto Rican descent.
I was raised in Puerto Rico from age 6 and decided to return to the mainland at 19 (just a few days shy of my 20th birthday)
I have lived in Ashtabula county for 8 years now and specifically in Geneva for 5 years.
I fell in love with the life and community in Geneva & Geneva-on-the-Lake.
One of the “selling” points for us was that at each store, at each restaurant
I found amazing caring people; including people that share the same culture, heritage, and values as me.
My husband and I were determined to grow old in this town so we made the commitment and purchased a home; A loving place where my kids will grow up and hopefully one day my grandchildren & great-grandchildren as well.
As years have passed by I’ve learned that Geneva is as beautiful, clean, and thriving as it is because of its community and elected officials.
I’ve also learned and feel there is a gap between the Hispanic community and the local politics due to a language barrier and confusion in how local politics work in comparison to our countries of origin.
Currently there is no plan in sight on fixing the gab between the two; Community and local leaders.
It is my hope that when I am elected to our Geneva city council I can bring the knowledge, culture, and passion needed for a more united Geneva.
I believe the council you elect this November needs to be strong and focus on Police support to keep our community safe and make it stronger.
Make sure that the upcoming plans to fix route 20 and other streets are not just plans but that is completed down to at for the needs of our citizens and visitors.
And last but not least come up with a better plan for winter seasons as the current plan in place is not very effective for the working families and seniors that need to be at appointments in the early morning…
You will get that by choosing all 3 candidates with an R after their name.
Thanks so much for your consideration