Geneva Resident Jim Baehr announced his candidacy for Geneva City Council.
Baehr has served his entire life with a dedication to public service and law and order. He began a career in law enforcement in 1980 becoming the first Corrections Officer for the Euclid Police Department while also attending the Lakeland Community College’s Police Academy and working as a dispatcher with the Euclid Fire Department.
In 1987 Baehr was hired by the Geneva Police Department and moved his family to the City of Geneva making the community their home for over 30 years. He continued protecting and serving Geneva residents as a Police Officer until his retirement in 2013.
“I consider it the honor of my life to help keep my fellow Geneva residents safe and well these past three decades,” said Baehr. “I am not done serving my community and have good plans to continue looking out for our city’s citizens.”
Since retirement Baehr has been the Bailiff for Western County Court. His platform includes providing for strong public safety measures, better communication with citizens, and infrastructure improvements.
“Our people need a voice on the important issues that matter to them, things like our roads, taxes, and safety. I intend to always be their voice and keep the council on track to address these topics,” explained Baehr.
Baehr sees the need for improvement on communication with the council and citizens, citing the need for more open meetings and discussions with the public. His goals of focus will be on the enforcement of zoning regulations, the 534 corridor, and the city’s roads.
Message from James Baehr…
“Hello everyone, my name is Jim Baehr and I am excited to announce, with my petitions filed and approved, that I am running for Geneva city council as a Republican candidate. I was raised in Euclid, Ohio. my father was a policeman for the city of Euclid and retired after 30 years of service. After graduating from Euclid high school in 1980, I followed in my father’s footsteps and was hired by the city of Euclid Police Department as their very first corrections officer. I also was a dispatcher for the Euclid fire department. as I continued to work, I was accepted into the Lakeland community college police academy and received my Ohio peace officer training certificate. I was hired by the city of Geneva police department in 1987 and moved to Ashtabula county at that time.
I have resided in the city of Geneva since 1988. I retired in 2013 with 30 years of service and continue to work as the bailiff for western county court. I have worked with the public my entire life. I can bring new ideas and goals to the city of Geneva. there needs to be more communication between council, possibly additional meetings when issues need to be discussed, not just council meetings on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. citizens need to be informed more on how their tax money is being spent. roads and zoning issues need to be discussed. more information needs to be publicized about the route 534 corridor.
I have a strong work ethic, have always worked in a structured environment, and believe communication is a number one priority. I ask you to consider me for your vote to Geneva city council.”